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Mental Health Counseling

H.O.P.E promotes comprehensive health and wellness by providing accessible and unparalleled mental/behavioral healthcare at the highest quality. 

Bringing Modern and Alternative Care

to Our Community. 



Traditional counseling assists those facing emotional or relationship issues, transforming difficulties into catalysts for growth.   The emphasis is placed on the whole person and their unique potential. 

Sometimes the whole family is the client. Family systems can be complex and it can be the best way to correct a problem dynamic. Families often use sessions to supplement couples or individual treatment, tackling issues together for healthier interaction. 

Couples requiring assistance are accepted for where they are when therapy begins. Whether proactive, pre-commitment sessions to anticipate issues or a true crisis in a long standing marriage, our couples therapists offer sensitive and balanced services, treating the couple as the client. Same sex couples gladly accepted. 

Children sometimes need a time and place where they can have undivided attention. Play Therapy is used to draw the little ones out, art therapy, sand tray and other creative therapies are good for any age. Children of divorce, kids who have been abused or those having a self-esteem or identity crisis find a place with our eclectic child and adolescent therapists. 

Meet The Team

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