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Mission/Vision/ Values  

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Our mission is to provide culturally competent services using evidenced based practice to help individuals and families reach their optimal well-being. HBH strives to serve, uplift and strengthen children, adolescents and adults. 



Our vision is to provide stellar mental health and supportive services that enrich the lives of our consumers.  We aim to promote awareness of mental health services to empower each individual to live independently and utilize all natural and community resources.



Our focus is on quality of Care, Service and Respect to our patients through:

Compassion - towards the community we serve;

Acceptance - of everyone's right to compassionate care;

Respect - of everyone's unique path towards their own healing;

Empowerment - for everyone to have a voice and participate in their own care;

Sincerity - in how we treat each other every day.


Respect for the uniqueness and cultural differences of each individual.

Excellence in the quality of our services.

Sustainability through good stewardship of our resources.

Partnering with clients, organizations, and agencies.

Encourage healthy life choices.

Commitment to our standard of excellence.

Teamwork and collaboration both internally and externally.

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